Mazagfoot also wishes to contribute to the development, animation and promoting sporting events and leisure for the corporate world.
More and more business leaders wants to develop teamwork among their employees allowing them to flourish outside their professional environment, while keeping them engaged and educated around a common cause, excellence. Mazagfoot put every resource to provide the appropriate environment for their actions of team-building, but also for their sports events.
Participation in a team sport has long been recognized for its unifying values and team-building. Play football with your colleagues, is to improve the functioning of the entire team, including professional. Learn to play together is to learn to work together, especially when sport practiced promotes the values of solidarity and mutual aid like football.
The Mazagfoot Academy soccer fields are available to all businesses, but also to players who wish to organize their football games between friends and benefit from the professional facilities, all in a relaxed setting.



Companies: you want to lease fields during the year.
Friends or colleagues build 2 teams of 5 players and come face each other during an intense game of one hour or more, and without downtime.

500 DHS

1 hour game for 10 players
Acces to lockeroom
Secured lockers

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In order to allow businesses in the area of El Jadida to reaffirm the values to which they are attached, team spirit, dynamism and fair play, Mazagfoot Academy has decided to inaugurate the tournament Mazagfoot business to business this year, this tournament is a great opportunity to unite around an original challenge teams.

The teams will be registered under the name of the company as part of a 7-a-side football game formula. Each team must consist of 7 players.

The tournament will take place in two phases:
Phase 1: a draw will allow to compose 2 hens in which the teams will meet each other.
2nd phase: training ranked 1st and 2nd in their group will compete in the semi-finals and the finals by knockout.

Teams that will not qualify will be ranked by tournament.
The rules of the competition are available here.