As part of it’s football school, Mazagfoot Academy welcomes children aged from 6 to 16 years throughout the school year, in a playful and sporty character system. Mazagfoot Academy intend to allow each child to develop his potential in giving the sense of personal commitment and helping develop self-reliance and perseverance. Mazagfoot Academy's ambition to offer to young players sports education based on politeness, respect for others and fair play. The regular practice of a collective sport also helps children develop self-confidence and learn to live together and to think "group" rather than "individual".
Finally, thanks to the frequent competitions, young footballers develop their desire to progress, to Excel and to win.


To support children and young players, Mazagfoot Academy has selected trainers and the best Moroccan and European graduates licensed educators. Particularly competent on a technical point, Mazagfoot Academy educators bring however great interest to pedagogy. In particular, they know how to listen to the players and are demanding while remaining tolerant. Their goal is to promote a real communication between players and to make Mazagfoot a space of freedom within which players can gain confidence and reveal their true potential.

Mohammed Baggad is the head of the technical direction of Mazagfoot Academy. This former player of the MCO, WAF and FUS of Rabat, is a training PE teacher, and has a degree in Sciences and technology of physical activities and sports, has a UEFA A (Royal Belgian Union) degree, diploma of the BEES2 by the French Football Federation and also from the CAF A. He has been coach to Nanterre, Racing club of France, FC Versailles, FC Saint Cloud, MCO and USMO...
In his task, he relies on a teaching team composed of graduate educators, competent in appropriate categories. It defines the technical policy and develops a mindset.


For the season 2017/2018 football school will open its doors on September 9th, 2017, for a period of 30 weeks of classes (except school holidays). The training will end on 30th June 2018 to make room for summer internships

The annual tuition fee is:
3500 Dhs per player.
10% (not combinable): Re-registration or 2 children registered at the same time.
15% (not combinable): 3 children enrolled at the same time.

Children are awarded a full football equipment including :

You can download the registration form here or fill it out ONLINE.

Parallel to his football school, Mazagfoot Academy offers to its most diligent players to extend their football learning throughout an internship during the school holidays. These internships are part of an offer of leisure sports, not competition, to encourage children to practice physical sport. Strong and noble values of sport in the case of football are proved to be highly formative for the minds of the children. The opening to the next, the collective, solidarity, commitment and performance are all factors in the development of team spirit, consciousness of belonging to a group, the objectives to be achieved and especially the construction of the self. The Mazagfoot Academy offer includes accommodation and catering for 6 days, training, entertainment, insurance and complete equipment.


Internships consist of 2 hours daily workout, mainly based on the game, the technique and tournaments.Training sessions are carried out on the grounds of Mazagfoot Academy, which has all the necessary equipments.
A daily time is scheduled for homework, and supervised by a Professor. Discovery and fitness activities will also be offered to participants for the remaining half day: beach tournaments, introduction to golf, great games, video football and coaching, but also football on playstation, table tennis and table football tournaments. Half a day is exclusively dedicated to the visit of Mazagan Portuguese city and the Gallery Chabiaa Talal.
Students spend an average of 4 hours on the football field, between practices, tournaments, and tests.


For the next internship Mazagfoot Academy will take place during the school holidays: From the 3rd to the 8th April 2017 included. You can download the brochure about this internship here and the registration form here. The tuition fee of this internship is 5000 Dhs.
This amount includes accommodation and catering, training and activities available to children and the young players.
These children will receive a complete outfit with the colors of Mazagfoot Academy.


  • "Mazagfoot is a good opportunity to improve football with as competent coaches that motivated you to advance. This experience is really to do and redo for all football lovers! "
    Ryad Fekri
  • " Mazagfoot allows us to learn football in the best conditions. It also allows us to make new friends. Coaches and facilitators were friendly but also very competent. If you want to improve, without hesitation I would suggest to attend Mazagfoot Academy. "
    Mehdi El Kassab
  • " Mazagfoot is a really great thing to do, it's a very good experience, sporty and social combined... I loved the atmosphere, the animation training..."
    Mamoun Jamaï


One of the priorities of Mazagfoot Academy is to enhance the training of young players in the region to which it offers a pre-training and quality training, to prepare them for the requirements of high-level regional football. The Academy's goal is the gradual integration of the best players in the region to the ELITE TEAMS U13 and U15 of Mazagfoot Academy. The most successful footballers will find within the Academy the possibility to evolve to a high level of competition. The recruitment of players from the Elite teams is therefore primarily among the players of the football school of Mazagfoot Academy, but also on the occasion of detections that are open to all players that allow the technical staff to identify players corresponding to the profile that will be able to join the ranks of the Academy. The Elite players are then required to ambulate in between Morocco and Europe on the occasion of national or international competitions.